Geoff Huston
Chief Scientist APNIC

If we could see your stream of queries in real time we could
assemble a detailed profile of you and interests and
• Do we have any evidence of DNS data mining?
– Data miners don’t disclose their sources as a rule
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• Because everything you do on the net starts with a call to the
• If we could see your stream of queries in real time we could
assemble a detailed profile of you and interests and activities
• Do we have any evidence of DNS data mining?
– Data miners don’t disclose their sources as a rule
• How about something related:
– Do we have any evidence of DNS stalking?

Enkhbat Dangaasuren
System Engineer, Ph.D

It is about how we connect each other, how we develop things in Digital Era

Tashi Phuntsho
Senior Network Analyst at APNIC

Why do we keep on seeing news headlines about major networks not being reachable because traffic got rerouted somewhere else? BGP mishaps are very common and frighteningly very easy. Examples are malicious route hijacking, mis-origination (fat fingers), and bad filters (route leaks). We need better mechanism(s) to ensure no one can inject false information into the global routing system that easily.
This presentation looks at current tools/techniques, how rPKI is just a piece in the puzzle, and what we could all do instead of waiting for an ideal solution that fixes all issues.

Hervey Allen
Assistant Director | NSRC

This is an outline version of a proposed talk for the mnNOG 1 conference day discussing challenges that R&E networks face worldwide - including concrete examples, how some R&E networks have overcome these issues, including examples, and why are R&E networks useful.

The talk is broken up in to intro material about the NSRC and work with R&E networks. Why do we want an R&E networks. Challenges faced. Success stories (real examples) and some possible futures and trends.

Ulsbold Enkhtaivan
Planning Engineer | Mobicom Networks

This papers main point is sharing our experience that fighting the asymmetric routing and using BGP communities. internet asymmetric routing is still major problem of ISP's. Delay is most important for customers, especially online gamer's.

Philip Smith
Senior Network Engineer | NSRC

This presentation describes RouteViews and how it can be useful as a network diagnosis tool for today's network operators, as well as provide valuable analysis data for network researchers

Tergel Munkhbat
Cloud Engineer | FIBO GLOBAL

The forthcoming 5G technology will come to a boom in mobile connectivity and in 2024, the 5G network will carry 35 percent of mobile data traffic globally. However, according to the Nokia Bell Labs study, today's network operator infrastructure cannot be met with the 5G due to the diverse requirements and mobile operators should enhance their core and edge network by using new technologies to make network slicings. Hence, in this presentation, I present the importance of the network slicing concept and give a brief overview of the SDN and NFV architecture. Moreover, the slides illustrate an example scenario that combines SDN and NFV technologies on our current project which is named iTools Cloud Service and demonstrates these technologies in real-time.

Ankhzaya Tseden
Senior System Engineer | Datacom

Main idea:To introduce utilization of email based on IDN, and discuss how to influence to deploy this service for non-english customers. 83% of the world's population is estimated to be non-English speaking, yet for years they have been unable to communicate in their own languages via Web and e-mail addresses.

Conclusion: This discussion and practice report is hopefully will make these community pay attention to a non-focused area of DNS market. It can be one of the things to expand the market of domain name industry.

Philip Paeps
FreeBSD Foundation

I've been postmaster@FreeBSD.org for a while. We get a lot of spam. We try not to send too much of it back to the internet.

This presentation will detail our ongoing adventure of migrating from ad-hoc filters and SpamAssassin to Rspamd. I'll have diagrams of how it takes six machines to provide email for the FreeBSD Project.

I also expect to have a digression on reputation management and DNSBLs.

This is a very very early draft presentation. More of an outline at this stage. I'll find time to draw diagrams and copy/paste configurations in the coming days.

Kam Sze Yeung
Senior Manager, Network Architecture | Akamai Technologies

Akamai Introduction
Who�s Akamai?
Akamai Intelligent Platform
Basic CDN Technology
Akamai mapping
Finding the IP address
Downloading www.example.com
Akamai in Monoglia
Akamai�s CDN in Mongolia
Peering with Akamai
Internet Traffic Trends
IPv6 connectivity in Mongolia

System Engineer | Erdemnet

Report from CRC, Discussion between experts:
- Ulsbold Enkhtaivan (Mobicom Networks)
- Angarag (CRC),
- Gonchig (SkyTel)
- Ariunbold (Gemnet)
- Namjil (ICN)